Ventura County Commercial Auto Insurance

Most businesses in Ventura County that owns or operates a company vehicle needs a Commercial Auto Insurance policy. With our professional staff at Pizzola Insurance Agency, we will help build a Commercial Auto Insurance policy that caters to your company’s needs. We will design a coverage policy to ensure your protection against business auto risks.

Commercial Auto Coverage Tailored to Your Industry

We offer Commercial Auto Insurance in Ventura County for various types of businesses:

  • Property Owners & Management
  • General Contractors
  • Automotive Businesses
  • Delivery Services & more

Commercial Auto Insurance coverage contains general liability for bodily injury to employees or damage involving a company vehicle. Physical damage to your vehicles can be covered in the event of an accident or natural causes. Whether you own your vehicles or providing your employees with leased vehicles, you can customize coverage to protect all of your employees.

Why Choose Pizzola Insurance Agency?

Our team of experts at Pizzola Insurance Agency will help search for a policy designed for the size and scope of your company and provide a variety of options. We understand your company vehicles are essential to operating your business, and we will work hard to protect you in the event of a collision.

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