Umbrella Insurance

Is your auto insurance or home insurance policy enough to cover all damages? You may have to pay out of pocket for damages exceeding your coverage amount. You don’t want to end up in debt; at Pizzola Insurance Agency, an umbrella policy can give you peace of mind.

Additional Protection

Much like life insurance, an umbrella policy provides a higher coverage of liability in addition to your existing auto or home insurance policy. When your existing policies are spent or exhausted, your umbrella policy kicks in. If you have several assets or a large family and are looking for maximum coverage, Pizzola Insurance Agency will help you get a cost-effective insurance policy.

An Umbrella Insurance Policy can help cover:

  • Major Property Damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to an unfortunate event
  • Legal costs
  • Coverage outside of your area
  • Therapy or Rehabilitation

Pizzola Insurance Agency – Your Umbrella Insurance Experts

An umbrella insurance policy can be a lifesaver when your existing policies can only cover a certain amount. Speak with your local Pizzola Insurance Agency representative to see how we can help you with maximized coverage.

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