California Dental Insurance

At Pizzola Insurance Agency, we work with leading carriers that provide comprehensive dental insurance. Your policy plan will vary depending on your monthly payment, as well as the level of coverage you will need. When dental work is needed, you need a California dental insurance agency to help select a plan designed to meet your dental needs.

How does California Dental Insurance Work?

Similar to medical or health insurance, dental insurance works very much the same way. Depending on the scope of dental work needed at the time, or for routine dental work, an insurance policy would yield certain dental benefits. This would typically cover routine checkups, teeth cleaning, xrays and other dental services made to improve your dental health. While some plans provide a more broad coverage than others, the size of the coverage depends on your overall financial contribution. If you require coverage for dental implants or oral surgery, a broader policy would be more beneficial.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance coverage in the state of California are categorized as indemnity or managed-care plans. With an indemnity plan, you are limited to paying only for covered services when you receive a bill. As a result, you pay everything up-front, then work with your insurance company to get reimbursed. A managed-care insurance plan contains a network of qualified dental providers that will negotiate a rate between the provider and the insurance company. This helps you manage your dental care needs more efficiently by saving you time and potential large up-front costs.

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